Stop Erosion In Its Tracks

Consider a retaining wall installation in Lexington, TN

Runoff can wash away dirt and soil as it flows across your yard. But you don't have to regrade your property to keep runoff under control. A retaining wall installation can help you reduce erosion and keep your soil in place, protecting your yard, plants and other structures on your property.

DOC's Landscaping & Lawn Service, LLC is a professional retaining wall installer in Lexington, TN that can build a custom wall in your yard. We are a Belgard Authorized Contractor and a Belgard Master Craftsman company. Whether you just want a tiered appearance or need to correct a slope, we'll help you find a design you love. Call our retaining wall installer today to get started.

The many benefits of a retaining wall

Not sure if a retaining wall installation is worth the effort and expense? You'll love having a wall on your property because...

  • It can give your landscaping an artistic and structural appearance
  • You can use your wall to elevate certain plants and create a focal point
  • It can create space for new gardens or flower beds
Boost your curb appeal with a functional hardscaping feature. Call 731-968-0846 now.