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Outdoor Fire Pits

Serving Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee-TN

Outdoor Fire Pits Design & Installation Services

Serving Lexington, Henderson County & Jackson, Spring Creek, Madison County, Tennessee-TN Surrounding Areas

Outdoor Fire Pits

Installing a fire pit on your patio is like the final chapter to completing your beautiful Lexington, Jackson or Spring Creek, TN area outdoor living area. Fire pits built by Doc's Landscaping & Lawn Service adds a sense of elegance and style that you will truly appreciate in your outdoor living areas for years to come. A fire pit will help bring your friends and family closer as you enjoy a quiet evening, or even a rocking party together. Folks just naturally tend to gravitate towards a fire. What this means is that your fire pit is going to be a welcome addition to your Henderson or Madison County, TN area home and your life, for years to come.

If you just like quiet evenings, maybe with a significant other, then nothing is more romantic than sitting by a fireside under the stars together. Taking in the warmth and beauty while enjoying the time spent with one another. On the other hand, if you like to entertain guests, having a fire pit provides the wow factor and attraction that your outdoor living area will highly benefit from. Fire tends to draw people. You will be happy, and your family and friends will be happy, because of the peace and happiness that the fire will bring to yours and their hearts. Fire pits definitely add charm and distinction, that you will grow to love.

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These fire pits are almost like having a campfire right in your own backyard. They offer the same warmth and smoky ambiance and as a campfire, while keeping the fire in a contained bowl, concrete structure, or steel pit, and often with a screen cover for safety. Wood burning fire pits come in a variety of styles and sizes. From compact to oversized, you’ll be sure to find a fire pit for any outdoor space. Wood burning fire pits can be placed just about anywhere and can convert the atmosphere of any backyard into a perfect place for friends and family.

These fire pits are typically larger than gel or wood burning pits, and often the focal piece of the outdoor space. The flame of these pits is impressive rising from beneath either faux wood, or glass, or rock pebbles. The ignition switch is normally housed under the fire pit along with the propane tank and makes lighting the pit a breeze. Propane fire pits are very versatile and can be placed just about anywhere in your backyard.

Natural gas fire pits are similar to propane fire pits, but they have a dedicated connection to a natural gas line, eliminating the risk of running out of propane gas. Natural gas fire pits are the least portable of the fire pit family because they cannot be moved, however, they are the least expensive to operate and easiest to maintain. Fire pits are a big trend in backyard renovations, or even as a final touch to an already great backyard. They offer warmth on a cool night and are a great place for friends and family to gather and chat.

Outdoor Fire Pits Design & Installation Services Serving Lexington, Henderson County & Jackson, Spring Creek, Madison County, Tennessee-TN Surrounding Areas